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Musicdude's HTML Tutorial

The Language

HTML is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language. It is an interpreted language made up of tags, special characters, and other languages. A tag is a special code interpreted by a web browser. Tags are enclosed in "<>" (Shift comma and Shift period). Another thing you should know about tags is that each command in HTML code usually involves two types: an opening and closing tag. An ending tag is usually the same as the opening tag with a forward slash (/) put in front of it.

All HTML documents require three tags to run properly. These tags are the <HTML>, <HEAD>, and <BODY> tags. Note that they are all capital letters. HTML is not a case sensitive language, so it is not neccessary to use capital letters. However, for organization and less confusion, this tutorial will display them in all capital letters.

To start writing your HTML document, you need to first have either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to interpret your script.
Note: It is wise to have both. These are the two main browsers on the market today and therefore, people will mostly see them with these. Depending on the way you write your HTML scripts, browsers will interpret them differently. This tutorial is designed to teach you the most diverse HTML commands. So let's start your first HTML document.