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The School Life

      Way back in my early life, I went to various preschools and after school care centers. A few years later I attended Pasadena Avenue school in Carmichael, CA. However, I was only there for Kindergarden and 1st grade. I was transferred to Mission Avenue Open School and got stuck there for the rest of my elementary school life. Fourth grade is where I started my musical life and I've loved it ever since.

      In 7th and 8th grade I was put into Winston Churchill Middle School. I got straight "A"s all through that part of my life with the exception of one "B". I was a very active student, involved in Earth Club, Club Live, and Band, of course. There was nothing really spectacular that I can remember happening throughout this period of my school time.

      Now we all know how fun High School can be, and for the most part thus far, it has been. I became pretty popular right at the beginning of High School, and have stood out ever since. I am currently a Senior and have received only 2 "B"s in all of high school, the rest being "A"s. I participate in Band as the President and Drum Major, and Key Club. I am not a total nerd, I just pretty much know what I'm doing.

      For all of you out there who are wondering how I get the grades I do, I'll just say that HOMEWORK is the key to my success.

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